Inspection Sharing in IntelliJ 5.0


It's been possible to import and export settings since version 4 using
"File/Export settings..." .

Now that it is possible to have multiple inspection profiles in 5.0, is
there some other way to do this?

For example checking the .xml files where the profiles are defined into
CVS so others can check them out and then use them?

I don't see any way in the "Inspection & Highlighting Profiles" area to
use an 'external file' as the basis of an inspection profile.



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I'm not sure I understand your question. You can export the inspection settings via File->Export Settings. Then you can tell it to just export the inspection profiles and then you can save that jar into CVS where other people can grab it and import it at will. The jar file will have ALL the XML files that you have defined in your config/inspections dir. When you import the jar, your config/inspections dir should have all the XML files in it so you can select them via normal Settings->Errors route.


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