Help Using Webstorm to develop node.js on a Beaglebone Black


I am new to Webstorm and I am currently using a 30 day Win7 demo.
I am developping a node.js application  on my Win7 machine and the target is a Beaglebone Black (Linux Angstrom).

I have to run/debug the code on the beaglebone because it uses specific scripts to access I/O ports on the target.

I am able to use the deploy tool with SFTP to sync a local project with the beaglebone as a remote host.

Is it possible to edit .js directly on the remote host?
Is it possible to run/debug .js on the remote host?

Any other advice?

Thank You

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>Is it possible to edit .js directly on the remote host?

No. Please watch and related tickets

>Is it possible to run/debug .js on the remote host?

Yes. See for more information. Note that if your node.js application you are trying to debug is running on a different host, you need to set up a proxy that ensures port forwarding on the Node.js server (see, for example). This is necessary because node.js debugging is only listening on localhost.

The proxy can be used as follows:
$: node tcpproxy.js 8585 5858
8585 here is the 'exposed' port that Webstorm will connect to (you can  make this what you wish). You are directing traffic that is coming in on  8585 to 5858 (the local debugging port). Ensure 8585 is open on your  firewall if you have one. You have to specify this 'exposed' port in  your WebStorm run configuration as a debug port

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Hi Bernard,

Wondering if you had any success with this? I am doing the same thing but with a Raspberry Pi, and have read conflicting information on how to get this running.

Things I've tried:

  • Eclipse / V8 remote cannot connect to "standalone" node application
  • node-inspector works, I can debug and edit, but this is a very rudimentary IDE
  • That leaves WS 7, which I'm evaluating and very much want to use. But it isn't connecting!

I've opened up the correct ports, disabled the firewall. The logs set to Debug level give me nothing when I get connect failures. I was under the impression that WebStorm does NOT listen locally, and that we can use our devices' IP / port.

I've also read that you can port forward via iptables, directing traffic to the remote server.

Does anyone have this sucessfully working?

Any help greatly appreciated, I've spent a lot of head scratching on this one.

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I've been trying to get this working on my BBB running Debian, with partial success, but it looks like I'm still missing soemthing.

I installed simpleproxy on the BBB:
     sudo apt-get install simpleproxy

I started simpleproxy on the BBB:
     simpleproxy -L 42423 -R

I started my node program on the BBB:
     node --debug-brk=42424 testprog.js

(this is just a simple program that outputs to the console every 2 seconds)
I set up a run configuration that connects to redbox.local:42423, and WS connects. On the BBB (which is named redbox) I see:
     debugger listening on port 42424
and on the Webstorm Debugger Variables panel I see
     Connected to redbox.local:42423

I can pause the program from Webstorm, at which point the periodic output on the BBB stops, and I can resume it, at which point it starts up again. And that's all. When paused, I can't see any frames in the Variables panel:
     Frame is not available

I can't see the source code, or set breakpoints, or single-step. How am I supposed to tell Webstorm where the source code is? Why can't I see any variables when I pause the program?

I hope someone can help here!



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