JavaScript files included in external libraries are read-only


I have been using phpStorm for a couple years now, and have always had a strange problem with some JavaScript files.
I am sure I am missing something simple.

I usually add external libraries into my project tree in the left hand project tree in phpStorm.
If those libraries have JavaScript files with a .js extension, when I open them up in the editor I can not modify them!
They are read only...
I have to right-click on the file in the tree and select "mark as text" to be able to edit them.

What am i missing here?

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Library files write protection was implemented by design to prevent  users from making accidental modifications. If you need to make them writeable, the recommended workflow is to  open library files as separate project for editing, or include them not  as "library" but as a separate content root. requires making the current behavior optional. You are welcome to vote for it

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Lol, ok the change was put in to keep programmers from making changes to code..... accidentally?

This was a decision made by managers wasn't it?


Anyhow, i sure do appreciate you taking the time to inform me.


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