EJB3 annotation ....

I am using idea 4.5 (can not upgrade to 5 becuse I am running solaris)
Anyway, my problem is idea can not recognize my annotations (can not resolve symbole)

my setup:
- Single module java project
- on my lib path, I used global lib
1. jboss.lib (all the libs under jboss/lib)
2. jboss.client (all the libs under jboss/client)
3. jboss.server.lib (all the libs under jboss/server/all/lib)
4. jboss.server.ejb3 (all the libs under jboss/server/all/deploy/ejb3-deployer)

from my src files, I can import javax.persistance.*; but whenever I add "@" it does not work and give me (unresolved symbol)


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