Webstorm liquid syntax

I'm using webstorm. Is there a way to get syntax highlighting ? I have installed a textmade shopify bundle, but sofar I can tell, it's not doing anything.

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Hi Guys,

I searched for a plugin for liquid and found this at StackOverflow

StackOverflow | Enabling Liquid templating syntax highlight in webStorm/phpStorm

> I've found out that Twig have a very similar syntax to Liquid, enabling the Twig plugin will highlight
> Liquid syntax and will keep the HTML highlight/autocomplete/emmet functionality working as opposed to
> the "textMate Liquid bundle".

You can use Twig Plugin instead as the syntax is very much similar

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Nop, only someone never try to code in liquid into a twig file can say that.

Shopify uses a system of  {% schema %}  it's simple my text editor no longer completes the "  with " or {} (). 

indentation, colour. nothing works correctly with using the .twig extensions for .liquid.

Shopify is the main company of cms for e-market is not normal we don't have any plugins.

I'm migrating on vscode while waiting but please stop talking about .twig


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