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I have just started using WebStorm 8, having tried Visual Studio 2013 before that and some things are better some things are worse, in general though I like the feel of WebStorm a little better.

I run into problems constantly and mostly I find the solutions in the documentation or by searching the web, however I just moved an angular-translate project over into Webstorm and can't get it to work with the built in web server.

In general the big thing here seems to be the total lack of information on the built in web server, I can't find anything about it, but I know it is there since when browsing my web site from within webstorms it serves it up in a server (http://localhost:63342).

The specific problem now is that that server does not seem to serve up my json files that are used in the angular-translation project. I just get a 404 error on files that I know are there. I had exactly the same issue in Visual Studio at first, but by configuring that built in webserver (iis express) to server up json files as application/json it worked fine.

So I am looking for the mimetypes settings for the built in webserver but can't find it anywhere. There must be someone else that has this problem too, or is noone using the built in web server?

/Rickard Staaf

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I feel a bit embarrased, but after giving up on the built in webserver and installing Apache, I get the same problem, turns out that json files are served up by the built in web server, my path was wrong due to a different base than in iis express (in iis express a project is served up under the root without the project name, and in webstorm it is with the project name in the root).

Anyway, my question remains, where can I find the settings and other information for the built in web server, if I in the future need to set mime types, or response headers or something like that.


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Would still be nice to have access to such settings... not sure if it's available, buried somewhere in the settings.

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> not sure if it's available, buried somewhere in the settings

It's not.

Actually, we don't plan to do anything like that since the built-in server is just a temporary solution letting users avoid deploying a new Apache instance in case of minor checks, but it's not meant to be a replacement for decent web servers.


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