PhpStorm 138.1505

I've upgraded from previous beta and now the deploy to server do nothing..
The message is "Upload to MyServer x MyProject completed in less than a minute: 1 file transferred (44,3 Kb/s)"

but no file is uploaded..

is it a bug ?

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Hi there,

Upload works fine for me (Windows 7; Uploading to IIS-7 povered server).

You should provide more details:

How do you know that file is not changed? Maybe you have uploaded it into wrong server or wrong folder? Detailed log may tell you more.

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Hi, thanks for your answer !
first of all, i've upgraded from PS-138.90x that working fine with deploy and i've no changes on server..
i've seen that files are uploaded on wrong path, mabye something are changes from 90x to 1505 !
I'm investigating..




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