Unable to debug since 4.5 upgrade (OS X)

I am unable to debug pre-4.5 projects under 4.5 on OS X 10.3.5 (JDK 1.4.2_05-141).

I am getting the following error in the message pane:
ERROR: bad JDWP option
Invalid JDWP options: "transport=dt_socket,address=l11008699
Error occurred during initialization of VM
-Xrun library failed to init: jdwp

Any ideas ?


I've been unable to debug 4.0.x projects in 4.5, as the debug option is permanently greyed out, both on the menu and icon.

Going back to 4.0.3 I can immediately debug again.
Something is obviously upsetting 4.5 in the way the project is setup, but even remaking the project files from scratch using 4.5 does no good.


I have this same problem with the new 5.0 version (OS X).
Can someone explain what to do?


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