How to completely remove Webstorm from Archlinux ?


I would like to uninstall Webstorm from my Archlinux OS. I'm missing space, so I would move it to another partition. I searched for kind of an uninstallation script, but couldn't find one.
Is there a way to achieve a clean uninstall ? I suppose deleting the installation folder only won't be sufficient.

Thanks for your help

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To remove the product completely, you have to do the following:
- Delete the directory you have extracted WebStorm to
- Delete the "config" and "system" configuration directories. These contain WebStorm caches, configuration and plugins. See for the OS specific locations of these two directories.
That should be all you need.
BTW, if you'd like being able to reuse your settings, please postpone  the second step (i.e. don't delete  "config" folder) until you install  the new version. On the first launch you'll be prompted to import your  settings from previous installation - choose the config folder as the  settings location. Once the settings are imported, you can safely delete  the old configuration directory

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Thank you very much


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