How do I access the html by ip address?

     I'm using Webstorm 8.0.4, and I opened a directory by it. I can access the html from browser in local browser, the url like: http://localhost:63340/project/index.html or  . But I can't access it by my computer's ip address like:  What's wrong with that?

     I want access the address from mobile browser, so I need the address with ip domain.

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Here are instruction for connecting to WebStorm internal web server from a different host (your mobile device, for example):
- on a remote host, make sure to install JetBrains IDE Support extension into Chrome
- in extension options  (chrome-extension://hmhgeddbohgjknpmjagkdomcpobmllji/options.html),  specify the IP and port of the target machine
- on a target computer, start WebStorm, make sure that the port  specified in Settings/JavaScript/Debugger is the same as above and 'Can  accept external connections' is on. Open your project and run your  application
Note that it's highly recommend to change the default port (63324) to  some different one (8080, 8090) if you need to connect from external  host


Great, it works for me. Now I can access the page by ip address on both desktop and mobile browser. Thank you very much.


I meet a new problem. Can I install and execute it in firefox browser? Thank you.


No, it's Chrome only functionality


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