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I am using the EAP version and I am learning Laravel, and see that I cannot use Emmet by default in filetypes like (*.blade.php).
Does anyone know how Emmet can be edited to include support for blade.php filetypes?

So far, I have considered fiddling with Live Templates, but the huge downsides to this is that you would need to edit the context for every individual ZenCoding/Emmet entry (surely the dev's could include multiple selection in the list of Live Templates), but then I would also be missing support for the shorthand script (eg. li*5 ) - so this doesnt seem like a good choice as a potential work-around.

Additionally, I have tried the Emmet Everywhere plugin, but cant seem to get it to fire off the completion  (the docs vaguely refer to pressing Ctrl+Alt+ ... ??) but that isnt a valid keyboard shortcut and the plugin doesnt work out the box.

I'm stuck, ideas please ?

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Emmet is only available in HTML/CSS contexts. So you need to make sure that the code in your blade.php files is recognized as HTML. You can try assigning *.blade.php to HTML file type in Settings/File Types

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A big thanks for your prompt and accurate come-back to my issue.

I believe I have this working now, as per your solution. :)


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