JGoodies Binding (aka "Create without a defualt consturctor")


I'm using the JGoodies binding api, that use ObjectModel fro the binding.
When i want to bind a TextField there, i create
"BasicFactory.createTextField(myObjectModel)" where myObjectModel is bound
to the String in my bean/POJO.

now, i would like to use the IDEA ui designer- but the problem is that the
code injection (or generation for that matter) doent let my expand the class
it creates, if i create a TextField in the uidesigner, it's generating "new

I would like an option to override the creation line, so i wont be forced to
use only the default consturctor of a class (in my case, i need to use a the
"createTextField" in the factory, but i guess other people can benefit a
generic ui consturcor caller)

Is there an option to do so that i dont know of?
If not, is it possible to implement this feature?
it's the only thing that keeping me from using the uidesigner..

Thanks in advance..

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Hi John,

IIRC, it is not possible to use factory methods to create the components
in IDEA's GUI builder and quite everything other GUI builder. To be
honest, I haven't found any who allows this - easily. Hence, Robert F.
Beeger and me created VisualLayout, a visually configurable layout
manager. If you like to try it out, please take a look at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/visuallayout/, download the sources from
CVS. Feed-back is very appreciated.



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