configuration for scss completion without compilation

I use prepros because i have some problem with ruby installation on windows OS  and problem compass susy sass version .

Is there a way to configure phptorm for use the library ( gem node_modules) use by prepros  to have completion but no compilation ?
1 ruby gem susy
for example prepros embedding  ruby gems susy ( 2.1.2) .
this susy library is  store in  prepros installation sub directory inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Prepros\gems\gems\susy-2.1.2
for example prepros embedding uglify-js (2.4.3)
the uglify library is store  in prepros installation sub directory in C:\Program Files (x86)\Prepros\node_modules\uglify-js


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If your SASS code uses Compass, you need to configure Compass support for your project to get proper completion (paths to sources/libraries will be taken from config.rb)
If Compass is not used, PHPStorm will use SASS files available in your project directoty for completion. So, to add a certaing library to your project, you need to put the corresponding SASS files there


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