HiDPI support PHPStorm

I am wondering if phpstorm 7 (or 8) has full support for HiDPI displays? I would like to purchase the software but blurry text is not something i can tollerate on a daily basis.

I am running windows 8.1 on a QHD+ screen (3200x1800). Currently I have phpstorm 7.1 and the bluriness is really bugging me. I heard 8 will have compatibility but I was hoping that there is a workaround for 7.1.

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Hi there,

v7 -- no, since there will be no more updates for v7.x

v8 -- you can get EAP build and try it yourself (different versions can be run alongside as IDE-wide settings are stored separately; just backup project settings (.idea subfolder) if you plan to go back to v7 after opening project in v8)



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