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Hi all,
If in My PHPStorm 7.1.3 I open 4 files like :
I see toolbar like :
I want something different with shown file names:
1) as there are 2 opened header.tpl  files I would like to see headers like
  "/admin/header.tpl" and ""/admin/header.tpl, but not to show "Bootstrap-3-Admin-Theme/.../"

2) For opened login_to_admin.tpl and forget_password.tpl I dislike that labels with "Bootstrap-3-Admin-Theme/.../".
As there are only files with these names - can I show their names without path ?

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Hi there,

Disable built-in functionality (Settings | Editor | Editor Tabs | Show directory in editor tabs...) and try TabDir plugin instead -- it has some configurable options so maybe you can achieve what you want with it.


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