PhpStorm Contexts & Tasks not working


I've been evaluating PhpStorm for a few days now on a Win x64 machine and I have noticed the following issue.
When I save a task or a stand-alone context and then try to re-load either of them, the editor doesn't re-load the tabs/files I had open for the current task/context.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing something the wrong way but I followed the documentation instructions by word.
I was not able to find any more info on this so, here I am :)

Any info would be much appereciated


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I did some experimenting and found the culprit.
It was some unicode characters on my root folder name.

As I was testing out PhpStorm I had created a copy of an existing project to experiment with. Unfortunately windows appended the word "copy" in greek to the folder name and I never imagined that this could cause problems to PhpStorm.
Anyway, glad I located it as it was very annoying to be the only one experiencing such as an issue..

So, here it is for anyone having the same issue.



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