Find Usages broken in 5.0?

Hi. I'm having much less luck with Find Usages in 5.0 than I did in 4.5.x. Here's the scenario:

I have a jar file as one of my libraries, and the source for that library attached to it. If I navigate to a method within the library, and do a Find Usages on that method, selecting "Libraries", it fails to find usages that a textual search will find.

So then I removed the jar, and just added the sources as a Content Root to the project, and marked the appropriate dir as Source. Now doing the usages search within the Project also fails to find the usages!

One thing I noticed, though, is that in the Project tab, the little blue circle denoting source is absent from most of the hierarchy. The top level dir is marked, and the first package (, but the dirs under that aren't (except for one, strangely enough). The source files in the dirs that aren't marked have lots of real-time parse errors (symbols not found), reflecting the fact that they don't really seem to be regarded as source code. Also, in the Project options dialog, the whole hierarchy of the library source tree IS marked with the little blue circles.

I've cleared IJ/system/caches several times.

Running on Redhat Linux.

Any IDEAs (so to speak :)


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Hmm, it turns out it was a source control issue. For some reason, when you add a content root pointing to a ClearCase vob, it doesn't always get read properly. I copied the source code from the vob to a normal dir, pointed IDEA at that, all is well.



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