[Web Storm] Manually recreate all steps needed to Debug Javascript in Firefox


I have just installed WebStorm 8 on my PC (Win7 64 bit) and I wanted to check how its working with javascript debugging in Firefox. Everything is OK when I follow EXACT steps from Jetbrains website (do everything in correct sequence). However, if I (by mistake, for example) press wrong button on the dialog whole thing falls apart. I installed WS and blocked it on my firewall (I do this for most software - by habit) - Firefox debugging do not work and I do not see why it doesnt work because it just displays blank page. I tried to fix it manually but without success. Another thing: Firefox add-on. If I press 'Cancel' when dialog is shown for the first time I am in dead end (http://wiki.jetbrains.net/intellij/Debugging_JavaScript_locally_in_Firefox_with_WebStorm_and_PhpStorm) - I could not find any information how to do this manually.

So my two questions are:

- Is is possible to install Firefox add-on on demand ? (If someone by mistake pressed Cancel)
- How to configure Win firewall so WS is working correctly ? (On first time it will 'configure itself' correctly but how to do it 'on demand')

I hate to do full reinstall everytime I made small mistake.

PS. I tried to search on Jetbrains website but unfortunately I couldnt find anything (it looks like Chrome is prefferable browser)

Best regards

Adrian Pasik

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FireFox extension is bundled with WebStorm - plugins/JavaScriptDebugger/extensions/jb.xpi. See
http://www.accessfirefox.org/Install_Addon_Manually.php for instructions on installing the FireFox extensions manually
As for firewall problems, seems that it is blocking the socket opening in firefox. Check your browser console (Tools -> Web Developer -> Browser Console) - do you see any errors like  "JB:trying to open server socket at 7830" there?
I'd suggest adding both WebStorm and FireFox to the list of trusted apps in your firewall settings - seems to be the simplest solution

Actually, I'd strongly recommend using Chrome instead of FireFox for debugging - it works much better


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