PhpStorm synchronization failure between mac and windows 8 with dropbox

I've been trying to use PhpStorm synchronization feature but in every step more problems coming out of the box.
First i've created a dropbox folder for my web projects for using files both in mac and laptop. Mac is in my house and laptop is in the school.
Then i've installed in both pcs this plug-in:
IntelliJ Configuration Server
After i've successfully logged in i saw sync feature is working partially in both system BUT after i setup auto-upload on save function (choosing deployement folder etc) if i was using mac, settings in windows laptop fails. This time i am checking the settings for windows laptop it starting to work without any problems until i open macbook and settings in mac is not working... And this cycle goes on.
How can i use PhpStorm synch feature between my mac and my windows laptop while i'm using same folder in dropbox for my projects without having to make settings in every time ?

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