Limit on width of main window?



I have intelliJ 5.0 running on a 24" (1920) screen. I'd like to stretch it to cover more width, ideally across another 24" screen. When stretched, however, intelliJ refuses to budge much past the first 24". Is there a way to increase the width across which intelliJ will span e.g. 'max window size setting somewhere'?


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That's strange. I have no problems stretching IDEA (3455) over two
1600x1200 screens (Win2k).

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I seem to be having a similar problem I've got 2 x 27" 4K (3840 × 2160)  = (7680 x 2160) monitors running on a MacBook.

I run them "scaled up" so the font isn't tiny effectively making it look like 2560x1440, (though I do get the super smooth 4k fonts :>)

When I run this mode the widest screen I can get is 4096 scaled pixels wide or 6144 4k pixels, making it exactly 20% smaller than the full screen width.

If I run in full native 4K res the width of the screen can reach the full 7680 pixels wide 

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Could you please try to manually change values in ".idea/workspace.xml":

Does it help?


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