PHPStorm and Terminal


i want do comand

php app/console *****

and response error
"php" not as an internal or externalcommand, operable program or batch file.(sorry for my russian:))

If i write comand. that all work:

G:\OpenServer\modules\php\PHP-5.4\php.exe app/console *****

how to force work first option?

I tried made this, but not result
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fogot say.

It's command work in windows terminal, but not work in PHPStorm Terminal

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Hi there,

If you execute "PATH" in PhpStorm's terminal:
1) Will you see folder where php.exe is located in that list there?
2) Will output of that command will be different to what you get when executing it in Windows terminal?

Restarting IDE (maybe with user logging off .. or whole PC restart) may help -- it should pick up up-to-date PATH environment (that's if it is different, of course).


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