Using additional look-and-feels in IDEA 5.0

The documentation is very vague on how to use additional 3rd party look-and-feels (such as JGoodies) for IDEA. The ]]> in config/options/other.xml seems to be ignored for the 3rd party LAFs.

Where should i put the jar that implements that LAF and how do i configure IDEA so it will pick it up (instead of default Alloy Gray)?

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This was asked a few weeks ago in the eap forum, here was the answer:


Put the jar of the L&F into IDEA/lib and IDEA/jre/lib/ext and create a file in IDEA/jre/lib/
swing.installedlafs = motif,windows,metal,squareness = CDE/Motif
swing.installedlaf.motif.class = = Windows = = Metal
swing.installedlaf.metal.class = javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalLookAndFeel = Squareness
swing.installedlaf.squareness.class = net.beeger.squareness.SquarenessLookAndFee
For each look and feel you have to add a pair
swing.installedlaf.<lnfid>.name and swing.installedlaf.<lnfid>.class and don't forget to add <lnfid> to the list swing.installedlafs.
The above defines the standard L&F's on Windows and the additional Squareness Look And Feel.
Now you should be able to change the look and feel to your newly installed one in the Appearance settings.
BTW: Don't know how to get Metal Ocean or what it's called into this list. I don't like it's look.


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Thanks. You can view for an entry that shows a few IDEA 5.0 screens under custom LAF.


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