idea5 hangs on project load: processing

I just found that .properties files were associated to text and re-assigned them to be treated as properties.
Now the Idea just hangs dead when loads the project.
Obviously it doesn't like file since it's not of the standard format for the properties files.

Looks like a bug to me. There should be some extra check for the properties file and it shouldn't hang anyway. I can only kill Idea now at this point.

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Man.... It turned out that it hangs on ANY .properties file, even on valid ones. Just sits there with "Processing" on the Idea start.

Once again, what I did was removing mapping of properties extension to text file and set it to properties. Then restarted Idea. Now it hangs on startup. Nothing in the log.

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Well, I found the source of the problem: when I was registering "properties" extension as a properties file I made a typo in the "properties". But it's still unclear why Idea was hanging. Couldn't find the mapping for the "properties" file?


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