Idea 5.0 - What all can we put in idea.exe.vmoptions

In ]]>/bin/ there's a file called idea.exe.vmoptions. This appears to replaced the idea.lax file in Idea 4.x.

By default the file contained:

I figured out that Xms is the amount of startup memory and Xmx is the max memory, so I upped those. What is XX:MaxPermSize and ea?

Also, what other useful things can we put in here?


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-ea stands for Enable Assertions.
-XX:MaxPermSize - 1.5 JRE specific option that controls Permanent Generation
max size.

Generally, none of the options is IDEA specific and relates to JVM IDEA runs
For IDEA specific options one could look into in the same
folder. All of the options have descriptions there.

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