phpstorm takes too long to refresh debug variables (some times)

I have been trying debugging with PHPStorm 7 for debugging php/mysql projects with WAMP  framework (php 5.3.1, Apache 2.2.9, mysql 5.5.24 on Windows 7 platform).

Some times in a project, when watch debug variables are used, they  take some seconds to refresh on the debug panel, after each code step.  Each watch variable takes a few seconds to refresh, so the more watches  have been set, the more slowing down takes place during code  stepping, rendering debugging disappointedly slow and practically impossible. So, for example, I  cannot press 'Step over' every second, because I have to wait till watch  values are refreshed, before I press the next 'Step over' and this may  take 5 or more seconds.The variables panel displays "Collecting data..." during this period.

This doesn't happen all the time. When it doesn't happen, the code  stepping can advance very quickly, as it normally does. It happens specifically when switching for example, from a main script scope to a function scope, where I have set a few breakpoints. Later, I might jump out of the function scope and continue stepping through another function scope and the problem might disappear and continue with normal speed.

In this project I have set up quite a few breakpoints, so I was  wondering if they are the culprit. I tried to disable most of them (not  delete them, since I need to keep them for future use), but I didn't see  any improvement.

I also tried different xdebug versions, but no change took place.

I have also tried to switch browsers, delete browser data (cache,  etc), restart WAMP server, browser, phpStorm, even Windows, but the issue remains, regardless of my actions.

I appreciate any help.

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