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I have been using IDEA in anger for a few days now.

My projects all use Ant build scripts to compile, build and deploy my applications.

Because I have several projects using common Ant tasks, I have seperated them out into smaller build files that are then imported in the parent build file.

However, when I add the main build file for a project to the Ant panel... all I see are the tasks in that file and not the taks from the imported files.

Is there anyway to display these tasks or is IDEA's Ant intergration lacking the ability to show the tasks from the files imported in the build file.



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Works for me, out of the box on both IDEA 4.5.4 and EAP build 3273.

Did you perhaps setup a target filter?

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I have the exact same problem

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I managed to add the imported build.xml to the Ant Build list but running the targets didn't work (as expected) so as a workaround I made some empty targets in the main build file that depended on the targets I needed.

I still wish I could run the imported targets directly though.


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