Emacs-style code navigation possible?

Hello, I'm considering making the switch from Emacs to PhpStorm, currently in a trial.
I often have to code in emacs over a terminal, so I'd like a lot of consistency in my keyboard shortcuts.

The emacs keymap has gotten me impressively close, but I have yet to figure these out:
-ctrl+s:  type a series of characters, ctrl+s again to skip through them
-ctrl+r:   same thing in reverse
-enter:   end current search, leaving marker at current search location

I tried the emacsIDEAs plugin with AceJump, which is too different with the character highlighting, a/b/c jump, etc.

Ideas greatly appreciated!

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Hmm... Not sure I follow you. In Emacs mode, Ctrl+S is used to jump to the next word occurrence, Ctrl+R - to previous. Seems Emacs works in the same way... Have you experienced any problems usuing these keys in PHPStorm?

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Thanks Elena,
Once the search term is entered, Ctrl+s & Ctrl+r work as expected.  I'm also able to start a forward search with Ctrl+s by double-binding it.
Here are the things I'm missing:

-A keystroke to 'accept' the search, leaving the caret in the new location with the new selection intact.  Ideally, this would be 'enter'.
-A keystroke to begin a new search in reverse.

Ideas appreciated!


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