Hotswap takes for ever for simple

IDEA Team,
I used 4.5 with a java project with over 10,200 loc.

- Hotswap takes for ever even when compiling single file.
- Hotswap throws schema change errors even when no method
signature has been modified.

I was expecting a better hotswap performance with
Irida. But after downloading and using Irida on
solaris (my env)...i took over 4 mins to load a single
class file after i made a modification to add a toString().

I downloaded eclipse on solaris under the same environment.
Hotswap is much faster with very few errors at load time.

can someone from IDEA team investigate the root cause.
This problem has been raised multiple times...see forum
postings for IRIDA.

Bottom line, we have beautiful IDE with lame hotswap support.

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