Move Cursor Past Autocomplete

Maybe I just don't know how to search for this like I need to, but I can't seem to find this answer.

If I'm typing, let's say, an <a> tag. phpStorm will autocomplete the </a> for me. Great. But after I fill in the link text, is there a quick key command to jump past what has been autocompleted?

<a>when i get done typing here, how to get the cursor to</a> here in a quick fashion.

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Hi there,

The closest thing I can think of right now: Ctrl+] (can be changed via "Settings | Keymap | Editor Actions | Move Caret to Code Block End")

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That was close, but yeah, doesn't seem to work on an html code completion. I was just thinking this was something everyone else knew that I didn't. Maybe that's not the case.
Not the worst thing in the world. Just thought it woudl be an easy thing to do.


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