remote debugging without remote installation


I got through the documentation installing successfully xdebug on my local machine and some remote servers, but now I'd like to know if there's some way to setup some kind of debugging on servers where I don't have the chance to install additional plugins/libraries, like some custormer's web hosting services or some intranet servers... on phpEdit there was a way (if I remember well, uploading a "PHPEditDiagnostics.php" script to be used as a "tunnel" for debugging).

thank you very much, have a nice day

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Hi there,

At the moment PhpStorm supports two PHP debug engines: Xdebug and Zend Debugger. Such debug extension (e.g. xdebug) MUST be installed on a machine where code is executed.

If you cannot install it there ... then use old-fashion approach: echo/var_dump and alike (e.g. FirePHP library, that would log your messages and send them to you via HTTP response headers .. which you could see them later in your browser's console with help of additional extension)

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thank you

currently I'm forced to continue to use var_dump/echo on such servers (when locale copies don't work)...

hoped to have some workaround like phpEdit did years ago

have a nice day


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