Package APP-INF libraries

Hi all,
Our architect introduced a new directory (APP-INF) with shared libraries of our modules. This approach is often used with BEA weblogic. My simple question: How can I package these libraries into my enterprise archive (ear)? I'd like to build the application with IDEA, not with an ANT script.

I didn't found a corresponding option in the application module settings. Any help appreciated!

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Open 'EJB Module Settings' for a given ejb module, there should be
'modules and libraries to deploy' with the list of dependent jars. Try to
change the path from '/' to '/APP-INF/lib', then the jars will appear in
the ear file under '/APP-INF/lib'.

Serge Baranov
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Yes, that's it! Thanks!


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