UglifyJS File Watcher keeps creating duplicated minified javascript files

I've set up a file watcher for UglifyJS to create minified files with the extention filename.min.js

I've set the option to track only root files but for some reason I keep getting files popping up from nowhere with "min.min.js" and "min.min.min.js" extensions. I don't even open the minified versions for this to create another file.

Any idea?

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 22.38.58.png

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Hi there,

I've set the option to track only root files

This option works for LESS/SASS and alike only (as you can see that option is disabled on your screenshot).

Instead of "Project Files" scope, you should create new custom scope by clicking on corresponding "..." button (or via "Settings | Scopes") and use it instead. The pattern for such scope could be


This will include all .js files but at the same time will exclude already minified ones (.min.js as well as .pack.js)

Such approach will prevent processing already minified files.

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Thank you kind sir, that is very helpful.


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