how to delete a line and and move the cursor at the start of the line?

On the mac,

if we pressed Cmd and Backspace between the line,
the front part of the cursor would be deleted and the cursor would be placed at the start of the line.
And the last part of the cursor would be remained behind the cursor.

e.g. ( ' l ' character means cursor)
This is a test| sentence. (press Cmd + Backspace)
| sentence. (right part of the cursor would be remained.

BUT, on the webstorm, Cmd + Backspace delete the whole line and pull the next sentence to that line.

I know perhaps this is too picky request, BUT sometimes small diferences make the people crazy-

I couldn't find any solution or option or keymap what ever to fix this.

Does anybody has an idea???

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

Firts of all - I'm not a Mac user ... so I may not be 100% correct here.

1) To what action that shortcut is assigned to?

"Preferences | Keymap" -- it has a "search by shortcut" functionality (a button next to search-by-name field).

From what I see it is assigned to "Delete Line" action.

2) The proper action is "Preferences | Keymap | Editor Actions | Delete to Line Start" and by default it has NO shortcut.

Please assign some custom shortcut to it (or re-assign from another action if desired so) and see how it will work. It does work fine here on Windows 7.

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Do you miss 'Delete to line start' action? It will be available in the next version - see

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Yeah, that's exactly what I'm searching for.

But unfortunately, it seems there's no option what you've mentioned on the Mac webstorm 8.

I've searched it before and try to find it after saw your comment again.

There is only Delete to Word start keymap.

Thanks to your help ^^

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Thanks to let me know-


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