Opening projects in one window

I'm new to PhpStorm, I'm trying to find any IDE which won't make me crazy. Already tried Eclipse and NetBeans, and still on my journey thru IDEs.

Is there any way, how to open more projects within one PhpStorm instance? Same as how Eclipse or NetBeans handle projects? I have really huge amount of separated projects. Problem is, projects are not independent. Still, there are some dependencies between, so I need to have opened few ones at the time.

What I found is some strange switching between opened projects (still didn't find any list of projects or "Open project" in menu). When I open project, last opened one is hidden and whole workspace is switched to just opened project. Another way is to open project in another windouw - which would lead for me with several PhpStorm instances opened. Don't like these options, so I'm asking, whether is it possible to display more projects in that "Project" pane/how?

Some projects are just single webapplications (or web api), some projects contains bunch of "sub-projects". And I would say I have hundreds of MiB of PHP... Is PhpStorm capable to handle that?

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Hi Zdenek,

There is no such functionality yet. It was introduced in v3 EAP builds .. but then removed as it was not ready/polished enough (there was an option to open new project as subproject of the current one). Possibly it will be back in v4.

At the moment you can try this (which may be enough -- I do not know your exact requirements)

  • Settings | Directories | Add Content Root

Obviously, all such content roots will share the same project settings (where they were added).

You can also utilize "Settings | PHP | Include Path" -- such folders will be listed in Project View under External Libraries branch, and some functionality may not be available there (also depends on Scope -- some operations support that).

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Oops, I have to give up. Pity :(

It is the only reason that I am still using sublime text


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