Navigating through HTML

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to know if there are better ways to navigate through an HTML structure. Consider this:

<p>Foo bar baz, {1}<em>ipso facto</em>{2} res ipsa loquitor {3}<strong>sic semper tyrranis</strong>{4}</p>

Now, we already have Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-]. If I am at point{1} and hit Ctrl-] I go to point {2}. Great. I want a command that then jumps to point {3} and then point {4}. The way that Ctrl-RightArrow and Ctrl-LeftArrow jump from "word" to "word"? I want that sort of functionality for jumping from tag to tag. Does Webstorm have anything like that?


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Hi there,

I do not hink that IDE has "jump to next tag" action available. But you can try AceJump plugin to navigate around.

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Thanks for your quick reply. AceJump is a start... I might have to look through the source code. It seems to be a powerful tool. Not exactly what I'm looking for, but useful nonetheless.


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