Local Deletes only found in 'Changes' folder

I'm looking for a way to better 'see' what my SCM changs are. We currently use SVN and my reports here represent that, so if GIT or something else is different I appologize.

The main issue we are having is files being "restored" once a repo update is done. We have files that get removed (deleted) outside of WebStorm in our process and though WS does a great job of showing the file system as it stands, it does not show "missing" files.

Basically, we delete a file from one of the folders (not with WS) then come back to WS and it is gone. Nice. But doing a "commit" shows "nothing to commit". This is because the delete was not added as an SVN delete (no surprise there). But the removed file is no longer in the project list. The only place we see reference is in the Changes panel under "Locally Deleted Files". It makes it very likely that developers forget to "add the deletes" to SVN.

I would love an option to still see "missing" or "locally removed" files in the project list so that we can know to take action on these items.

Sorry for the long-winded explination here. I think I'm hopeful this will be seen and someone will say "yeah that's already in there".

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