Debugging unit tests with Karma in WS8?


it is the first time I try to debug JS unit tests, so please bear with me. I set up Karma in WS8 and ran my QUnit tests nicely. But when I tried to debug them, I was required to install a browser plugin. This kind of worked, but has some drawbacks:

  1. I cannot see the "test tree" and I have no idea how to re-run a single test case. This makes debugging hard, since I need to configure "clever" conditional breakpoints.
  2. Every time I debug, a browser tab gets opened, which means WS loses focus (which is a bit annoying)
  3. I am actually using TypeScript in part, but I have to set the breakpoints in the .js files (not so bad, since the compiled JS is readable)

So I was wondering if there is a better way to run and debug tests. Maybe there is an alternative to Karma, with better IDE integration?

Advice is greatly apprechiated.



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