WebStorm Automatically Reverting Local Changes?

Ok so I'm new to WebStorm and Git, but this is driving me up the wall.  I'm thinking that this is just some thing I must have missed.  So for one of my files, a css file, it automatically reverts back to the previous commit/version.  I deleted the contents of the  css document, I committed and pushed it to my BitBucket repo.  The blank css document is there in the BitBucket repo.  The blank css document is there in my local repo.  I checked to make sure.  Then I wait a little with WebStorm open and suddenly the contents I deleted show up again in the css doc and the title of the css document turns blue in the Project Structure.  I don't understand whats going on??!!!  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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This is happening to me as well now.


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