Hiding parent directories in the project tree window


Just started using WebStorm and couldn't find any solutions to this, but hopefully someone out there can help. I have a repository with multiple different projects in it. I'd like to have WebStorm git integration with a project I'm working on, but if I don't select the git repository root directory as the root of my project, WebStorm doesn't seem to allow me to integrate with git. So essentially what I want is git integration with the git repo I already have, but I want my project root directory to be a subdirectory of the git repo directory.



Ahh, and I just discovered another related issue. I decided to go ahead use the repo root directory for now while I wait for a response, but now that I've done that I realize my gruntfile is in a subdirectory, so the grunt tool isn't available.

So, to put it another way: If your .git directory and your gruntfile.js are not in the same directory, it seems that you cannot use both grunt and git integration. If there is a way to do this, please let me know. Thanks!


Hi there,

I realize my gruntfile is in a subdirectory, so the grunt tool isn't available.

That is NOT true. Just right click on gruntfile and "Open Grunt Console" option will be available in context menu.

But yes -- "Tools | Open Grunt Console" is not always available if gruntfile is not in the project root.



"Settings | Version Control" -- you can configure your git settings there.


Ahh! That works for me. Thanks!

Would still like to be able to set one directory as the .git repo and a subdirectory of that as the project root, if possible.


Sorry -- I'm not using VCS myself much and not sure what kind of problem you are having here.

But AFAIK you cannot set a folder that is not part of the project as VCS root.

In any case -- check this webinar if you have not seen it yet: http://blog.jetbrains.com/phpstorm/2013/10/webinar-recording-version-control-with-phpstorm-and-other-intellij-idea-based-ides/


Ahh, actually you kind of answered my question before but I didn't see it. Sure enough, I can go into Settings > Version Control and set up a parent directory as a git root while maintaining my current directory as the project root.

So, I'm all fixed up. Thanks again!


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