how to use multi-module project

Hi all,

i've been using idea for developing webapps for a long time now -- still the best java ide.

i came across a somewhat more complex problem though. lemme explain it.
i have a multi-module project with java modules, web modules that work together just fine. however, now i need to share a "folder" of jsps as a web module among a couple of other web modules. i use tomcat to deploy the webapps and i take advantage of the fact that i can include in a configuration (ie a web app) other web modules mapped to different contexts. the trick works until i do somethin like <jsp:include> a file that resides in the shared web module. it won't let me. i get "Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception" at the include location.

hopin that you understood my problem, is there any workaround to solve my problem, that is, to share a web module?

thank you,

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