Keymap Add Abbreviation?

I just started using phpstorm. I used [ File | Settings | IDE Settings | Keymap ] and right clicked on an entry ( Main menu > View > Toggle Full Screen mode ). The pop-up menu includes: Add Keyboard Shortcut; Add Mouse Shortcut; Add Abbreviation
I added a keyboard shortcut which works. I also added an abbreviation (FFF). I cannot get the abbreviation to work. The is no documentation of it at the keymap help page ( ).
I am puzzled that I cannot find either a jetbrains document or a google search lead for the keymap abbreviation feature.
Can anyone point out a reference to this feature please?

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Thank you Elena. From the link that you posted I see that apparently webstorm online help is almost identical to phpstorm online help. However, as I stated in my 1st post, the phpstorm help page does not have any reference to "abbreviation". It seems that the page is out of date or incomplete. But that page is link to directly from the IDE help for keymaps.

From the webstorm link you posted I was able to get a keymap abbreviation to work. Thanks again, I appreciated your answer!

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yes, it's indeed out of date... it will hopefully be updated with the release of PHPStorm 8


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