PhpStorm, a single project and multiple SVN directory

Hello everybody. So, I'm importing all my old projects in my brand new beloved PhpStorm, and I have a couple of questions.

1) I currently use TortoiseSVN on a Windows machine. If I create a project on PhpStorm importing a directory that contains a SVN repo, PhpStorm is smart enough to understand that there's a repo. So... that means that I can do a commit indiscriminately from TortoiseSVN and/or PhpStorm... without breaking anything on my repo?

2) I have several svn directories, much like the following tree:

  • web_root
    • MyEngine
    • MyEngineCustomization1
    • MyEngineCustomization2
    • ...
    • MyEngineCustomizationN

Basically it's a CMS engine, and every "customization" contains the template of a single installation of the engine for a single domain. For flexibility reasons, every directory is a independent SVN repo.

So, I created a project on PhpStorm, and imported all of those directory.
The question is (if answer to question #1 is yes!) can I still use the repos from inside PhpStorm? all of them?

Thanks in advance for you inputs..

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