PHPStorm using Strings

hi together,

Here the user is able to type in an integer bigger or equal to 1.

array(   'name' => __('size','test'),   'desc' => __('Please give the size from 1(very small) to 10(very big)','test'),   'id'    => "{$prefix}_room_size",   'type' => 'number',   'min'  => 1,   'step' => 1, ),

What would we have to do to only let the user select Strings? E.g.

  'name' => __('size','test'),
  'desc' => __('Please give the size - either samll, middle or big','test'),
  'id'    => "{$prefix}_room_size",
  'type' => 'text',
  'allowedvalues'  => 'small' or 'middle' or 'big',
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I have no clue about what you want here and how it is related to PhpStorm...


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