A Question About Support

This is more for JetBrains customers rather than staff.  Your products are excellent, that is a given.  I use IntelliJ and PHPStorm on a regular basis.  I am learning IOS
with AppCode.  Bought and renew AppCode, because of my experience with other products.  Been going through a support nightmare however, and No my JetBrains world
will not end.  But...

1) Why when the documentation to a product and the actual products actions differ it is called an 'Enhancement' and not a 'Bug'?
2) Why when you take the time to upload multiple files to YouTrack as requested and explained ad nausem, after opening support tickets and being told
that is a feature request, are you told Oh, that is a duplicated item.

Oh and search for #jimmck in YouTrack to see these items of late.


How do we ever know if or when they are going to be fixed?  Some get marked as fixed and never do?

Anyway, checkout latest Zend Designer reviews.  Based on Eclipse.  But I always felt Eclipse was slow.  Heck, I chose IntellIj over Borland JBuilder, because after a few hours of editing and working, the thing crawled to a halt.
And longtime Zend users are now saying the same thing.

Trapped in Pergatory!

Oh and finally, the Message on this Forum that this Forum is going away or whatever???  Hello we have new entries going in all the time.  

Should, I post my logfiiles now?

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