Javascript tab in function call parameter


In javascript, i use this code style to call a function:

    type: 'POST',
    url: 'myUrl.php'

However, if i try this with PhpStorm, it automatically sets a tab before the '{', like this:

        type: 'POST'

It's  very frustrating - i have to modify the tabs after my code is complete,  and with a copy paste it's of course the same problem. I tried al kinds  of configuration settings, however i could not find it. Is there a  setting for this?

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Hi there,

Well ... Settings | Code Style | JavaScript | Tabs and Indents | Continuation indent = 0

I just do not know how it will affect the rest of the code (in other places) ... but this particular one it should solve.

and with a copy paste it's of course the same problem

Settings | Editor | Smart Keys | Reformat on paste = None


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