No member variables when remote debugging

Hi all,

I'm using Idea 4.5.5 and remote debugging WebLogic Server 8.1.4 with their jrocket jvm. I can't see any member/instance variables. There is no "this" in the frame info. I see "static" and the local vars only. I wrote a simple test class and ran it non-remotely and could see "this" like I expected. For what it's worth, I've recompiled (with debugging) and redeployed Axis 1.1 to debug into it. I can't see the member vars in the Axis code or in my own, either. The rest of the debugging works the way I expect. I'm compiling my app with maven but have left the maven.compiler.debug setting at default, which is "on." I compiled Axis with the Ant build.xml it comes with and passed -Ddebug=true on the command line. Any ideas?



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This appears to be an issue with WebLogic's jrockit jvm. When running with Sun's jvm, I can see "this." I'll raise this issue with BEA.


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