rookie stupid question

I have been using 4.0 for a long time, and have finally upgraded to 4.5 and i am confused.
I have created a web app
the project structure is






Where my confusing come in, is the exploded directory that is created. when i run in debug, the exploded directory seems to be the docroot.

But the IDE does not show the exploded in the project list.(thats ok that makes sense), but where i am confused is, i created a index.jsp in the jftut directory.
But when i run the debugger, it does not move it to the exploded directory. I am missing something in this setup
Thanks for any help

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you have a resouces dir, that is the right place for jsp, html, css and so on. The index.jsp you put in jt... dir really does nothing with your webmodule.

To Show the exploded dir in your project pane. Just go settings - Paths - J2EE Settings , and there is a check box about show/hide exploded dir.

and as of myself, I always let the resources and exploded dir be the same.


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