Working on several computers

I use external disc to store my projects and work with at work and at home.
And use automatic upload to server for files.
In Deployment options i set checkbox "upload external changes" - to upload file to server, when i change branch in git.

Trouble: i change file at work. uploaded them. Then come home i continue to work and on first upload phpstorm automaticly uploads all changes, that was made at work and already uploaded.

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If I understand you correctly, this is a known issue, vote/comment:

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Можно я попробую по русски объяснить (мой английский слишком плох) ?

При работе git поведение phpstorm вполне устраивает, т.е. он отслеживает изменение файлов и их загружает.

У меня обычная ситуация - поработал на одном комьпьютере - поменял 30-100 файлов, загрузил на сервер.
забрал переносной жесткий диск, вставил в другой и продолжил работать.
Так вот на втором компьютере при первом сохранение на сервер загружаются файлы, которые менялись на первом компьютере.

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Hi there,

Such info (sync status, last modification timestamp etc) is NOT stored together with project info/config but on per-user basis together with IDE-wide config (on Windows 7 it would be somewhere in C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde80\system -- somewhere among indexes/caches/etc). If you just copy the project files and open in on another computer, IDE will show "File was changed on disk. Reload?" kind of message for every file that is opened in IDE when it starts (or File Watcher will re-run on already up-to-date file etc). It's all because those "last modification time" (or whatever) markers do not match on different computers (since they are stored separately).

You will have to copy whole C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde80\ folder as well to have your desired behaviour. Thing is: all involved computers have to have similar setup (the same user name; same project locations (e.g. drive letter on Windows) etc, otherwise it will not work (very likely)) and it has to be the same OS.

My only practical suggestion here (to avoid re-uploading of up-to-date files) is to either disable automatic upload (and do manual sync -- which could be very problematic for big projects) .. or set an option to disallow overwriting of already up-to-date files (not sure how good that option is though since I'm working on home and work computers .. but uploading only on one of them).


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