How to enable AngularJS support for an existing project in WebStorm 8?

WebStorm 8 comes with improved AngularJS support, which is enabled "when AngularJS is discovered in your project". But how is this discovered?

I have a large AngularJS project that started in WebStorm 7. I'm now running WebStorm 8, but AngularJS support for this project is not yet enabled.

Two possible reasons might be that [1] I renamed the bower_components directory to client/lib (with corresponding .bowerrc file) and that [2] AngularJS is being loaded by RequireJS. Or maybe it's simply a matter of an existing project transitioning between the two versions?

I can't figure out how to enable support.

Some help would be greatly appreciated! :-)



Thanks for that. Yes, indeed. Upon closer inspection, it seems that AngularJS support is in fact enabled, as I have autocomplete for ng-controller and such.

I was thrown off because none of my custom directives get recognized or autocompleted. And the directive method in app.directive('name', function () {...}) is not recognized ("unresolved function or method"). My custom directives, as well as the app module, are loaded through RequireJS. Could that be the problem?

I would love to properly integrate my custom directives.



Completion for custom directives works for me, and directive() method is resolved
Please provide a sample project that shows up the way you load/define your directives


Here you go:

For some reason, `app.directive` is recognized now, but the custom directive is not recognized in index.html.


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Thanks (again) for your active support. :-)



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