Can't get jboss plugin to debug jsp in IDEA 5.0 (irida) build 3273

This may just be an issue with the port of the 1.11 jboss plugin. However, it seems I cannot get the plugin to debug jsps in IDEA 5.0 (irida) build 3273. I'm able to get IDEA 4.5.4 to break at breakpoints set in the exact same jsp using the 1.11 jboss plugin, however, with the IDEA 5.0 (build 3273) and the latest 2.0-eap5 jboss plugin, although the vm seems to halt at the breakpoint, the debugger window remains frozen in the "Collecting Data..." state. I'm running all this against a jboss 3.2.5, why such an archaic version, don't ask? :)

Btw, excellent work on the jboss plugin thus far, thanks.


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